The Ph.D. in Computer Science degree program is designed for students with a master's degree in computer science, or a closely related field. In addition to holding a relevant master's degree, the applicant should satisfy graduate prerequisites or have equivalent experience in programming languages, data communications and computer networks, operating systems, compilers, database management systems, theory of computation, design and analysis of algorithms, and computer architecture.

Alternatively, College of Engineering and Computing master's students in computer science may apply for early admission into the Ph.D. program. This option provides the opportunity for master's students in computer science to earn the Ph.D. in computer science in a shorter time. In addition to the requirements specified in the section Early Admission into the Ph.D. Program of the Graduate Catalog, the student must have completed CISC 610 Programming Languages, CISC 615 Design and Analysis of Algorithms, CISC 630 Compilers, CISC 631 Theory of Computation, CISC 640 Operating Systems, and CISC 680 Software Engineering.

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