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Tuition and Fees

Fall 2018 - Summer 2019


  • Master's Programs: $820 per credit hour
  • Doctoral: $1150 per credit hour


  • Admission Application Fee: $50 nonrefundable
  • Registration Fee: $30 per-semester nonrefundable
  • Student Services Fee: $225 (3 credit hours or less) or $450 (4 or more credit hours)
  • Readmission Fee: $50 nonrefundable
  • Late Registration Fee: $100 nonrefundable
  • Degree Application Fee: $100

Academic, program, and online services are provided only to the College of Engineering and Computing students who are currently registered. Students who are not registered are not entitled to receive services. Textbooks are not included in tuition and fees and must be purchased by the student. Students are responsible for their own lodging and travel expenses. Students must be registered to gain access to NSU's computing services. Rates are subject to change.

Once registered, students are personally responsible for the payment of their tuition and fees. Returned checks, canceled credit cards, employer or agency refusal to pay, ineligibility for financial aid, and other reasons for non-payment may result in a direct bill to the student, and/or referral to a collection agency.

Payment and refund policies are based on the view that a student registering for a class is reserving a place in that class and that tuition and fees cover the opportunity to secure that place in the class. Since no other person can purchase that place, the student is responsible for the tuition and fees associated with it.

Tuition reimbursement by the student's employer: If the student submits a letter from the employer at registration time that establishes eligibility for tuition reimbursement, the student may choose a two payment plan. The first payment, due at registration, shall include all fees, 50 percent of the tuition, plus a $75 deferment fee. The second payment, due five weeks after the end of the term, shall equal 50 percent of the tuition. To secure this plan, the student must provide, at registration, a postdated check or credit card authorization for the deferred portion.

Gainful Employment Disclosures

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