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The degree program consists of 36 credits (a total of 12 courses). Core courses, concentrations, and electives are in the following lists. In order to earn the MMIS degree, students must complete 7 required core courses and 5 additional courses. For the 5 additional courses, students will complete one entire concentration OR the no concentration option as specified below.

Business Intelligence/Data Analytics

Students take the listed courses, then select two more elective courses. 

MMIS 642 Data Warehousing

MMIS 643 Data Mining

MMIS 692 Capstone Project in Business Intelligence

Information Assurance & Cybersecurity Management

Students take the listed courses, then select one elective course. 

ISEC 635 Information Security Operations Management

ISEC 655 Information Security Governance

ISEC 675 Information System Auditing

ISEC 695 Information Security Management Project

User Experience (UX)/Human-Computer Interaction

Students take the listed course, then select one elective course.

MMIS 623 Information Privacy and Ethics

MMIS 646 Data Visualization

CISC 685 Interaction Design

Choose one: 

MMIS 636 Computer-Supported Collaborative Work

MMIS 644 Social Media

MMIS 656 Web Design Technologies


Select a mix of courses from Concentrations and/or Electives. 


Any course in the concentrations aforementioned is also an elective course in the program. Additionally, any offerings of 600-level courses prefixed MMIS, RESD, or ISEC will count as electives. The following are sample elective courses that are not part of concentrations, but will count as electives in the program:

Elective List

MMIS 627 Enterprise Technologies and Infrastructures

MMIS 628 Enterprise Systems and Business Processes

MMIS 650 Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

MMIS 654 Electronic Commerce on the Internet

MMIS 665 Information Systems Strategy


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