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Center for e-Learning Security Research (CeLSR)

The mission of the Center for e-Learning Security Research (CeLSR) is to conduct, disseminate, and promote leading edge research in the area of e-learning security.

Center for e-Learning Security Research (CeLSR) | Images used in this Website are courtesy of NIST (

CeLSR seeks to enhance research related to the security of e-learning systems including authentication, e-examination, e-learning content security, and e-learning systems survivability. Current projects of the CeLSR focus on research related to the incorporation of multi-biometrics in e-examinations, national auditing of e-learning systems security, and development of proactive measures for e-learning security.

As part of such efforts, CeLSR researchers not only actively conduct research in e-learning security, but also work as ambassadors to connect other researchers around the world who are conducting studies and experiments in e-learning security. The following are the three current themes of research that CeLSR concentrates on: authenticating e-learning users, protecting e-learning systems, as well as conducting national audits, reports, and classifications.

  • Authenticating e-learning users
    Conducting and disseminating leading research to address the authentication of e-learning users including authenticating e-learning exam (e-exam) takers, e-learning assignments submitters, e-learning discussion board participants, and e-learning live chat participants.
  • Protecting e-learning systems
    Conducting and disseminating leading research to address e-learning system vulnerabilities/breaches, e-learning security preparedness, and perceptual/cognitive issues with e-learning security.
  • Conducting national audits, reports, and classifications
    Conducting and disseminating statistical reports on the state of e-learning security including the vulnerability incidents and breaches aggregated report, the national e-learning security preparedness report, and the higher education e-learning security classification report.

The Center for e-Learning Security Research (CeLSR) aims to focus on such synergies in the context of e-learning security. The CeLSR will become a leading international research center conducting, disseminating, and promoting e-learning security research. Additionally, as e-learning today holds a strategic place for many academic and corporate institutions, CeLSR will seek to bridge academic research and corporate agendas related to e-learning security, while actively seeking funding for such pioneering and leading-edge research.

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Yair Levy, Ph.D.
Director, Center for e-Learning Security Research (CeLSR)
College of Engineering and Computing
Nova Southeastern University
3301 College Avenue
DeSantis Building Room 4058
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314

Tel: (954) 262-2006 or (800) 541-NOVA, ext. 22006
Fax: 954-262-3915

*CeLSR does not endorse, warrant, or guarantee the products, services, or information described or offered.

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