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Doctoral Poster Sessions

The doctoral poster sessions are a forum for the College of Engineering and Computing students to highlight their dissertation research.

Instructions to Students for Poster Presentations - Poster Template

Poster Session Images

Author Sponsor Title
Shauna Beaudin Dr. Levy An Empirical Study of Authentication Methods to Secure E-learning System Activities against Impersonation Fraud
Robert L. Brown Dr. Cannady Application of Cellular Automata to Detection of Malicious Network Packets
Shonda D. Brown Dr. Levy An Information Privacy Examination of the Practices of Pharmaceutical Companies. Regarding Use of Information Collected Through Their Websites
Damon Bruccoleri Dr. Sun Data Mining Massively Parallel, Fine Grained Support Calculations for the Apriori Algorithm
Newton Campbell, Jr. Dr. Sun Polygon Inequality Filters for Finding Duplicates in XML Databases
James Clark Dr. Abramson The Impact of MOOCs to the Marketing Mix in Higher Education
John Ford Dr. Mukherjee Pulsar Search Using Supervised Machine Learning
Russell Garner Dr. Abramson Online Program Administration Takeaways. Staffing Needs for a New Online School Within a University
Anita Girton Dr. Levy An Empirical Study on the Role of Cybersecurity Skills on Perceived Need for Actions to Mitigate Cyber Misuse
Huei-Min Hsu Dr. Wang An Examination of the Influences of Organizational Context on Knowledge Sharing
Belinda Krigel Dr. Levy Development of the e-Learning System Security Capability Maturity Model (eLSS-CMM)
Richard Lamb Dr. Ellis A Makeover For The Captured Lecture. Applying Multimedia Learning Principles to Lecture Video
John McCune Dr. Dringus A Phenomenological Study of Undergraduate Students Use of Multiple Online Identities in the Creation of a Personal Brand
Kimberly McMurtry Dr. Terrell Building Community in an Online Course: A Phenomenological Study
Stephen Mujeye Dr. Levy An Experimental Study on the Role of Password Strength and Cognitive Load on Employee Productivity
Ricardo J. Rodriquez Dr. Cohen An Encephalogram (EEG) Based Biometrics Investigation for Authentication: A Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Approach

Poster Session Images - Poster Session Video

Author Sponsor Title
Sandra Armstrong Dr.Cohen Leveling the Playing Field: Gender Inclusive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Design
Damon Bruccoleri Dr. Sun Reconfigurable Computing for Database Applications
Kathleen Cool Dr. Terrell Informal Learning as Performance: Toward a Hermeneutic Phenomenology of Museum Learning in Second Life
Paul Dooley Dr. Levy An Empirical Development of Critical Value Factors (CVF) for Information Quality in Business Intelligence Systems Implementations
Ragan A. DuBose-Morris Dr. Dringus A Phenomenological Study of Telehealth Champions
Salam Farhat Dr. Simco Enhancing the Accuracy of Synthetic File System Workloads
John Ford Dr. Sun Energy-Efficient Database Design Using Solid State Disks
Raymond Halper Dr. Simco A Power Conservation Methodology for Hard Drives by Combining Prefetching Algorithms and Flash Memory
Ann-Marie Horcher Dr. Tejay Conservation of limited resources: Design principles for security and usability on mobile devices
Julie Kimbler, Diana Moore, Manon Maitland Schladen, and Bruce Sowers Dr. Snyder Technology Tools for Qualitative Data Collection in Instructional Design and Technology (IDT)
Manon Maitland Schladen Dr. Snyder Formative Research on an Instructional Design Theory for Virtual Patients in Graduate Medical Education
Joseph Marnell Dr. Levy An Empirical Investigation of Factors Affecting Resistance to Using Multi-Method Authentication Systems in Public-Access Environments
Jerry L. Roper Dr. Abramson Copyright Law in Distance Education
Daira Vargas Dr. Levy Social Engineering and e-Learning Authentication: An Assessment of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Found on Social Networking Tools (SNTs)
Daniel Yoas Dr. Simco Using Forecasting to Predict Long-term Resource Utilization for Web Services
Samuel A. Yoders Dr. Dringus Optimization of a Tablet-based Health Care Education Application

Poster Session Images

Author Sponsor Title
Robert R. Batie Dr. Levy Using a Fingerprint Biometric and a Biometric Personal Identification Number (BIO-PIN) as a Multi-Factor Authentication Mechanism
Gregory Block Dr. Cohen Reducing Cognitive Load Using Uncertainty Visualization
Uriel Carrasquilla Dr. Liu Reducing the Cumulative File Download Time and Variance in a P2P Overlay Via Proximity Based Peer Selection
Trelisa R. Glazatov Dr. Abramson Applying Instructional Design System Theory to Mobile Learning Environments
Michael Green Dr. Abramson Designing a Web-Based Laboratory Class to Engage 21st Century Learners
Howard G. Hamilton Dr. Parrish Leveraging the Web Service Level Agreement and Relational Governance to Propose Key Performance Indicators for Cloud Computing
Bennet Hammer Dr. Parrish A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words: But Are They The Words That Matter?
Tom Haritos Dr. Dringus Synthetic Speech and Visual Digital Displays: A New Information Exchange Paradigm Between Aircraft and Air Traffic Control (ATC)
Wilnelia Hernandez Dr. Levy An Empirical Assessment of Employees' Cyberslacking in the Service Sector
Eliel Melon Dr. Levy A Study on the Success of Group Formation in Virtual Teams Using Social Networking Sites
Hernan Ruf Dr. Dringus A Comparative Study on Electronic versus Traditional Data Collection in a Special Education Setting
Bruce Sowers Dr. Snyder Technology's Instructional Role: An Investigation of Instructional Designers' Decision-Making in Higher Education
Gerry Van Loon Dr. Nyshadham Toward an Understanding of Internet Word of Mouth Message Content and the Booking Intentions of Lodging Consumers

Poster Session Images

Author Sponsor Title
Barry Ahrens Dr. Li A Tour Construction Framework for the Travelling Salesman Problem
Arlo Bass Dr. Tejay Understanding Information Security Culture in an Organization: An Interpretative Case Study
Paul S. Cerkez Dr. Cannady Automated Detection of Semagram Laden Images
Theodore O. Cochran Dr. Cannady Pattern Recognition and Network Measurement: Toward Improved Detection and Localization of Malicious Proxied Internet Servers
Stephen C. Dinkel Dr. Hafner Uncertainty Reasoning for Service-based Situational - Awareness Information on the Semantic Web
Gary Doss Dr. Tejay Identifying Insider Attacks with Grounded and Signal Detection Theory
Kimberley D. Dunkerley Dr. Tejay Developing An Information Systems Security Success Model for Organizational Context
Salam Farhat Dr. Simco Nonfunctional Requirements in Requirements Engineering: Towards Formal Requirements Acquisition and Modeling
Ann-Marie Horcher Dr. Cohen E-book Reader Usability Study Moving YourReading Content to the Cloud
Ricardo Jimenez Dr. Cohen A Comparison of a Young and Older Adult Population of Computer Users' Recognition Rates of Different Tactons Using Modulation as Stimulus and Threshold Detection of Simple-Waveforms
Adnan Masood Dr. Li Interest Mining in Outliers using Bayesian Belief Networks
Rachael Trinkowsky, CRC, Ed.S Dr. Dringus A Study of Accessibility Awareness Among Faculty in Online Learning Environments (oles)
Elizabeth Yagodzinski Dr. Snyder Formative Research on an Instructional Design Theory for Online Learning Communities: A Higher Education Faculty Development Case
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