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Working Paper Series

The College of Engineering and Computing Working Paper Series is intended to be a forum for the faculty members and graduate students to disseminate the research work in progress on different areas of interest. The forum allows the College of Engineering and Computing scholars to share the preliminary results of their research in a constructive environment. The scholars may decide to present the results from an ongoing project, a new research problem, or viewpoint on a subject area that may be of interest to other faculty members.

Author Title Abstract
Dr. Stefan Hrastinski Student-student online coaching: An emerging learning activity No
Dr. James Parrish Toward a Theory of Emergent Leadership for Collaborative Information Systems Development among Social Enterprises No
Dr. Weidong, Xia IS Structure and IS Performance: The Mediating Roles of IS Coordinatoin and Integration Yes
Dr. Geoffrey S. Hubona Does Being There Make A Difference? Shoppers' Perceptions in Virtual Worlds and on the Internet Yes
Dr. Timothy Ellis The Impact of Asynchronous Computer Mediated Communication Supported Project Based Teams on Sense of Connectedness in an Online Learning Environment No
Dr. Michael Workman A Behaviorist Perspective on Corporate Harassment Online: Validation of a Theoretical Model of Psychological Motives Yes
Dr. Eduardo Fernandez Designing Secure Architectures using Security Patterns Yes
Barry Ahrens, and Dr. Wei Li Genetic Algorithm Improvement of Parameters for the Dynamic Directed Path TSP Algorithm Yes
Dr. Peixiang Liu Discovering Multiple Shortest Paths in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Yes
Dr. Peter Aiken, Robert M. Stanley, Luke Anderson and Juanita Billings Use of the IEEE Codes of Conduct to Resolve Legal Disputes Yes
Dr. Caryn Conley Work design for volunteers: The case of Open Source Software Development. Yes
Dr. Michael VanHilst Theories of Project Management and Their Relationship to Software Process Improvement Yes
Dr. Wei Li A Space-Efficient Approach to Consistency Check of Firewall Rules Yes
Dr. Michael Van Hilst The Use of Patterns For Multiple Dimensions of Security Yes
Dr. Ling Wang Student Self-Grading in a Wiki-Based Learning Platform Yes
Dr. Monica Chiarini Tremblay Result-Driven Data Quality in an Information Supply Chain for Health Care Decision-Making Yes
Dr. Easwar Nyshadham Ambiguity: A Review and Potential Applications in IS Research Yes
Dr. Peixiang Liu A Multipath Routing Algorithm Exploring the Direct Connectivity among Network Nodes Yes
Dr. Greg Simco The Elements of Survivable Systems Yes
Donald Arlo Bess and Dr. Gurvirender Tejay Understanding Information Security Culture: A Structuration Approach Yes
Dr. Martha Snyder Instructional-Design Theory to Guide the Creation of Online Learning Communities for Adults. Yes
Dr. Michael J. Laszlo Principles Underlying Linguistic and Visual Perception Yes
Dr. Greg Simco, Dr. Frank J. Mitropoulos, and Salam Farhat On The Engineering Of Survivable Systems Yes
Dr. Frank Mitropoulos Automated Mutation Testing for Aspect-Oriented Programs No
Dr. Ling Wang The Supervision of Doctoral Dissertation Using a Collaborative Cohort Model Yes
Dr. Wei Li Concise Representation of Attack Scenarios Yes
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