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Current Ph.D. Students

NSU has simplified the registration process by allowing students to register for classes online through WebSTAR. Students may contact their academic advisor for assistance to add, drop, or withdraw from class.

Course Wizard
Check out the new schedule of classes. Course Wizard enables students to browse and search course information, class dates, times and locations. Course descriptions, instructor names, book information and syllabi can also be retrieved via this updated scheduling tool. 

Cancellation of Courses
The university reserves the right to cancel any course or section. If a course is canceled and a replacement is not offered, students will be dropped and the tuition will be reversed on the students account for the canceled course. If the student registered for only one course, the registration fee and student service fee will also be reversed

Instructions to register for classes

1) Run your CAPP Degree Evaluation and review your curricular and program requirements through SharkLink.

2) Log into Shark Link at (your username is your nova email prefix (initials and numbers only) everything before "". If you need to retrieve or reset your password, please visit:

3) Once you log into SharkLink, click on "My Academics, which is located on the left hand navigation panel.

4) Under the section that reads " I would like to" click on Registration- Add/Drop/SEA

5) Select the semester you would like to register for

6) Review and complete your Student Enrollment Agreement

7) Enter the course reference numbers (CRNs) to the registration worksheet in the boxes below.

8) Then click submit changes to complete your registration

Students who require assistance with their registration may submit a completed and signed Student Transaction Form (STF) to their academic advisor:

To review your registration schedule for accuracy, please follow the below steps:

  • At the top of the SharkLink page select " my sites" then select "My NSU"
  • At the bottom of the page you will find "My schedule"
  • Select the semester to view your schedule 
  • Once selected, a drop down will appear with the course(s) for which you have registered 
    • Click the down arrow on each course to see course details 
    • You may also click on the icon next to "useful tools" for book information pertaining to the course

Directed or Doctoral Research: Students who are ready to take Directed Research can request registration. As stated in the Graduate Catalog, students are recommended to have completed at least one year (two terms) of courses before taking Directed Research. Before requesting registration with the Doctoral/Directed Research Registration Request form, please contact the intended professor with the intended area of research. Note that students beginning fall 2014 and later take the course numbered 885 (Doctoral Research) rather than 898 (Directed Research).

Dissertation: Students will be registering for Doctoral Dissertation (901) in 8-credit blocks in lieu of Dissertation I and II to accumulate 24 credit hours. Those students will need approval from their academic advisor to register. Students in Continuing Dissertation may register themselves if they have dissertation advisors. Students without dissertation advisors must submit the Research Topic Worksheet to their Department Chair no later than July 1st.

To register for dissertation, identify the appropriate CRN from the table below and register for it through SharkLink as described above.

Doctoral Dissertation CISD 901 –23248 DISS 901 –23290 DISS 901 –23290 DISS 901 –23290 ISEC 901 -23292
Continuing Dissertation CISD 920 –23249 DISS 920 –23291 DCIS 920 –23250 DCTE 920 –23269


Orientation Day (New Students Only) Thursday, August 23, 2018
First Meeting Dates Friday, August 24th - Saturday, August 25th
Second Meeting Dates Friday, October 12th - Saturday, October 13th

Fall 2018 Schedule - Meeting Dates

Parking Pass

Hotel Discounts/Rates

Students are expected to drop/withdraw themselves from courses in SharkLink. Students withdrawing from their last or only registered course within a given term or students experiencing other problems withdrawing themselves should contact their program advisor. If necessary, students may submit a withdrawal request in writing via postal mail or assigned NSU email account. Requests for withdrawals received after 11:59 PM EST on the withdrawal deadline date will not be accepted.

Failure to attend course(s) or participate in course activities during the first week of the term may result in automatic removal from courses. Beyond the first week of the term, it is the student's responsibility to communicate with the university if they wish to be removed from courses. Depending on the date of drop/withdrawal, the student may be eligible for a partial refund. Students who have not withdrawn on or before the withdrawal deadline date will receive letter grades that reflect their performance in the course(s). The program office will confirm receipt of withdrawal requests that are received by the withdrawal deadline date. When a withdrawal request has been confirmed, the transcript will show a grade of W for the course.

Tuition Refund Schedule


Fall 2018 (201920)
August 20, 2018 - December 9, 2018

Drop/Add Period

August 20 - 26, 2018


Ends September 2, 2018


Ends September 9, 2018


Ends September 16, 2018

Last Day to Withdraw

November 18, 2018

No Refunds after September 16, 2018


Winter 2019 (201930)
January 7, 2019 – May 5, 2019

Drop/Add Period

January 7 – 13, 2019


Ends January 20, 2019


Ends January 27, 2019


Ends February 3, 2019

Last Day to Withdraw

April 21, 2019

No Refunds after February 3, 2019


Summer 2019 (201950)
May 6, 2019 – July 28, 2019

Drop/Add Period

May 6 – 12, 2019


Ends May 19, 2019


Ends May 26, 2019


Ends June 2, 2019

Last Day to Withdraw

July 08, 2019

No Refunds after June 2, 2019

Computer Labs

Canvas: 800-541-6682, ext. 24357

Get My SharkLink ID

Polycom: (954) 262-4930

VPN Setup

Help Desk: (800) 541-NOVA (6682)


NSU WebMail

Wireless access to the NSU network


Alumni: 954.262.2118

Public Safety: (954) 262-8999  

Bursar: (954) 262-5200

Registrar: (954) 262-7200

Campus Recreation: (954) 262-7301


Career Development: (954) 262-7201

Financial Aid: (954) 262-3380

Student Counseling: 954-424-6911

Health Care Centers: (954) NSU-CARE (678-2273)

Student Employment: (954) 262-3380

Housing: (954) 262-7052

Student Mediation Services: (954) 262-7196

International Students: (954) 262-7240

Student Medical Center: (954) 262-1270

Veterans' Benefits: 800-541-6682, ext. 27236

Student Disability Services: (954) 262-7185

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