Faculty Viewbook

Faculty Viewbook

Alphabetical Listing of Faculty Members


Gertrude (Trudy) W. Abramson, Ed.D.
2012 GSCIS Professor of the Year

(954) 262-2070 - (800) 986-2247 x22070
email: abramson@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~abramson

Course Schedule

Research areas: Instructional technology-supported teaching and learning, instructional design, development, implementation and evaluation, educational leadership in the 21st century, assistive and adaptive technologies in education and the workplace, learning technologies in allied health field, and in armed forces training.


Charmaine Barreto, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

(954) 262-7992 - (800) 986-2247 x27992
email: cbarreto1@nova.edu

Research areas: Human computer interaction, telecommunications and network management, web design, management information systems, systems analysis and design, project management, business statistics, survey design, research methods, library and information science, knowledge management.


James D. Cannady, Ph.D.

(954) 262-2085 - (800) 986-2247 x22085
email: cannady@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~cannady

Course Schedule

Research areas: Network intrusion prevention, detection, and response; complexity theory and complex adaptive systems; machine learning; information assurance.


Maxine S. Cohen, Ph.D.
2013 GSCIS Professor of the Year

(954) 262-2072 - (800) 986-2247 x22072
email: cohenm@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~cohenm

Course Schedule

Research areas: Human-computer interaction, multimedia, usability engineering, human factors, database systems, distance education.


Travis J.A. Craddock, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

(954) 262-2015 - (800) 986-2247 x22015
email: tcraddock@nova.edu

Research areas: Molecular systems neuroscience,computational and theoretical studies of subatomic radioactive decay, subneural biomolecular information processing, nanoscale neuroscience descriptions of memory, consciousness and cognitive dysfunction.


Laurie P. Dringus, Ph.D.

(954) 262-2073 - (800) 986-2247 x22073
email: laurie@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~laurie

Course Schedule

Research areas: Human-computer interaction, group support systems, usability engineering, online learning environments, learning theory, distance learning.


Timothy J. Ellis, Ph.D.

(954) 262-2029 - (800) 986-2247 x22029
email: ellist@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~ellist

Course Schedule

Research areas: Advanced Learning Technologies, with emphasis on: Multimedia instructional design; eLearning & mLearning; Computer supported collaborative learning. Knowledge management, with emphasis on: Foundations of knowledge and KM: Knowledge conversion; Knowledge transfer.


Vivian I. Haddad, M.S. 

(954) 262-7923
email: haddad@nova.edu



Paul E. Kenison, D.Sc., Ph.D.
Associate Professor

(954) 262-8326
email: kenisonp@nova.edu

Research areas: Data structures and algorithms, programming languages and programming contest.


Michael J. Laszlo, Ph.D.
Interim Chair, Department of Computer Science

(954) 262-2076 - (800) 986-2247 x22076
email: mjl@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~mjl

Course Schedule

Research areas: Computer graphics, data structures and algorithms, software engineering, programming.


Yair Levy, Ph.D.

(954) 262-2006 - (800) 986-2247 x22006
email: levyy@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~levyy

Course Schedule

Research areas: Cybersecurity, authentication, and privacy issues with Web-based and e-learning systems, Cybersecurity skills, competencies, awareness, and cyber threat prevention.


Wei Li, Ph.D.

(954) 262-2068 - (800) 986-2247 x22068
email: lwei@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~lwei

Course Schedule

Research areas: Computer security, network security, software engineering, artificial intelligence, database systems.


Marlyn K. Littman, Ph.D.

(954) 262-2078 - (800) 986-2247 x22078
email: marlyn@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~marlyn

Course Schedule

Research areas: Broadband communications technologies, next-generation networks, ad hoc networking, grid computing, enterprise network solutions, eLearning, network security.


Peixiang Liu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

(954) 262-2088 - (800) 986-2247 x22088
email: lpei@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~lpei

Course Schedule

Research areas: Computer networks, QoS routing, database systems, machine learning.


Tom MacFarland, Ed.D.
Associate Professor

(954) 262-5395 - (800) 986-2247 x25395
email: tommac@nova.edu

Research areas: Institutional research, assessment of student learning outcomes, Federal data resources, K-12 computer science education.


Francisco J. Mitropoulos, Ph.D.

(954) 262-2013 - (800) 986-2247 x22013
email: mitrof@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~mitrof

Course Schedule

Research areas: Programming languages, data structures and algorithms, aspect-oriented software engineering, requirements engineering, data mining, and mobile application design and development.

Sumitra Mukherjee, Ph.D.

(954) 262-2079 - (800) 986-2247 x22079
email: sumitra@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~sumitra

Course Schedule

Research areas: Artificial intelligence, decision support systems, knowledge-based expert systems, database security, database management, economics of information systems.

James Parrish, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Interim Chair, Department of Information Systems and Cybersecurity 

(954) 262-2043 - (800) 986-2247 x22043
email: jlparrish@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~jlparrish

Course Schedule

Research areas: Knowledge management systems, social engineering, decision support systems, IT strategy.

Souren Paul, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

(954) 262-2047 - (800) 986-2247 x22047
email: spaul@nova.edu

Course Schedule

Research areas: Virtual teams, computer-supported collaborative work, organizational knowledge management, technology-mediated collaborations in healthcare.

Saeed A. Rajput, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

(954) 262-8329
email: rajput@nova.edu

Research areas: Network and application security, distributed objects and web services, embedded systems, medical informatics, communication systems, artificial neural networks, estimation theory, and software engineering.


Jose A. Ramos, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Interim Chair, Department of Engineering and Technology 

(954) 262-7970
email: Jr1284@nova.edu

Research areas: Control systems, mechatronics, system identification, signal processing, stochastic processes, multivariate statistics, optimization theory.

Amon B. Seagull, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & Associate Professor
Interim Dean

(954) 262-2048 - (800) 986-2247 x22048
email: amons@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~amons

Course Schedule

Research areas: Natural language processing, computational linguistics, statistical modeling, programming languages, artificial intelligence, institutional research.

Gregory E. Simco, Ph.D.

(954) 262-2017 - (800) 986-2247 x22017
email: greg@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~greg

Course Schedule

Research areas: Operating systems, data communications, computer networks, client-server computing, distributed systems, systems performance evaluation.

Martha (Marti)  M. Snyder, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

(954) 262-2074 - (800) 986-2247 x22074
email: smithmt@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~smithmt

Course Schedule

Research areas: Instructional design theory and model building and validation, communities of practice, and workplace learning.

Junping Sun, Ph.D.
2014 GSCIS Professor of the Year

(954) 262-2082 - (800) 986-2247 x22082
email: jps@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~jps

Course Schedule

Research areas: Database management systems, data warehousing, knowledge discovery and data mining.

Phyllis C. Sweeney, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

(954) 262-8312
email: psweeney@nova.edu

Research areas: Internet copyright law and intellectual property policy.


Raisa Szabo, Ph.D.

(954) 262-8048
email: rszabo@nova.edu

Research areas: Bioinformatics, Bio-Medical Applications, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Rough Sets.

Gurvirender P. Tejay, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

(954) 262-2080 - (800) 986-2247 x22080
email: tejay@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~tejay

Course Schedule

Research areas: Information systems security, data quality, information systems project management.

Steven R. Terrell, Ph.D.

(954) 262-2084 - (800) 986-2247 x22084
email: terrell@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~terrell

Course Schedule

Research areas: Research methodology and statistics, qualitative research, distance education.


Michael Van Hilst, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

(954) 262-8346
email: mv518@nova.edu

Research areas: Software engineering, process improvement, software engineering education, information security.

Ling Wang, Ph.D.

(954) 262-2020 - (800) 986-2247 x22020
email: lingwang@nova.edu
website: www.nova.edu/~lingwang

Course Schedule

Research areas: Research methodology and statistics, learning systems and technologies, computing self-efficacy, computing ethics.